Thursday, February 26, 2009

ESTEBAN DEVICE no Culto do Império

« Segunda-feira, 16 de Fevereiro de 2009


Destaque: Ep's de "João e a Sombra" e dos "Blasfemea"

Estreia: "Blasfemea"

Temas rodados: João e a Sombra - Só quem quer; V.Economics - System failure; Noiserv - Consolation prize; The Portugals - Give it to me; Walter Benjamin - The man knew he was wrong; Minta - A song to celebrate our love; Tiguana Bibles - Home Town; João e a Sombra - Dia não; 2008 - Caratéquide; High Flying Bird - Murmúrio; O Maquinista - Triologia de Lisboa: I.da Nostalgia; João e a Sombra - Quando eu quiser; Esteban Device - Strings; The Weatherman - Chloe's hair; Bunnyranch - Stand by; M.A.U. - It's another day; Blasfemea - Wendy's desire; Micro Audio Waves - Sunshine sunlight; You Should Go Ahead - Rave party machine; Bar - Gajas (num dedo); Blasfemea - For you darling; Cinemuerte - Air; One Hundred Steps - The bitter truth; The Vicious Five - Zero a zero; Blasfemea - Now I wanna be your dog; Pyroscaphe - The walking scarecrow. »


Friday, February 13, 2009

« watch as ann swallows a teabag while listening to harvey milk »

"that's nice. JESUS! i think i just swallowed a teabag!"


« quarta-feira, Agosto 27, 2008

Too bad about the music...

myspace has decided that almost every song that we try to upload is a copyright infringement and has threatened to cancel our account if we continue to upload songs that fit this description. at no point did we ever try to upload songs that were not ours so this is complete and total bullshit. we decided that keeping in touch with all of you through this site is more important than a couple of songs (that myspace rips to shreds anyway) and have decided to leave you with "war" unless and until myspace gets their shit together.thx. »